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Facets of Freedom - A Moral and Political Analysis Joy Vazhayil

Facets of Freedom - A Moral and Political Analysis

Joy Vazhayil

Published 1997
169 pages
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 About the Book 

Freedom is a simple idea in experience, but complex in analysis. The traditional free-will problem has been a subject of great philosophical debate. The ideas of moral freedom and moral responsibility have been greater puzzles in the history of thought. During the early period of the rise of modern science, a deterministic universe left no scope for human freedom. However, with the advent of Modern Physics and Quantum causality, it was found that in a world not too rigorously determined by classical causality, there is scope for freedom to actualize new possibilities. This analysis illuminates the ideas of moral freedom, creative freedom and moral responsibility. The problem of power in civil societies and the harmonization of freedom and justice is analyzed. The criterion for the comparison of civil societies is the maximization of liberty and justice with the minimal exercise of power. Various political systems have been compared and contrasted using this criterion. The book provides the students of Philosophy, Physics, Psychology and Politics with a deeper insight into some of the basic problems of their respective specializations. At the same time, the general reader will find it enriching by gaining an insight into some fundamental issues of the essence of human existence.