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Dawn of the Bloodsuckers Andrew Culver

Dawn of the Bloodsuckers

Andrew Culver

Published March 22nd 2011
0 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

It is many years in the future, long after the vampires have taken over. Jeffrey lives in a cave above the former Los Angeles, now the capital of the vampire nation. His human family hides from vampires at night and spies on them by day. One night he takes down an old, dusty volume that his grandfather wrote for him. It is a book about how the world got to be this way. He is finally ready to read the story: br/br/In the present day, Billy and Mike are friends who couldnt be more different. Mike is an outgoing, frustrated class clown who desperately wants to be more popular with girls and Billy is a shy, moody straight A student whose father has yet to tell him that his dead mother was a vampire. br/br/When Billy and his dad go to visit his uncle in a small Northern California town that has become infested with vampires, Mike stays back in LA- when Billy gets back from vacation he realizes that Los Angeles is now also overrun with vampires. Billy learns that all these vampires have come from the idyllic town where Billy#x2019-s parents met and fell in love so many years ago. br/br/Billy and his friends attempt to defeat the vampires, in a heroic struggle that becomes legend for the human resistance.