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Explorer One D. Hellm

Explorer One

D. Hellm

Published October 1st 2000
ISBN : 9780595137169
132 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Project Explorer. The year is 2510, humans are living underground, using all of the Earths surface to grow food. The United Nations has been replaced with a singular global government and nations have been replaced by states. Earth is still running out of room and food.Mars has been terraformed and contains 1.2 billion humans. The moon is used as a space station. The world government sponsors Explorer One for interstellar habitation. Explorer One is a one-way trip to populate the galaxy.The Explorer One ship, built in the Earth-Moon apogee, is as large as Jacksonville, Florida. The initial power is hydrogen, harvested from space. Power outside the solar system, in free space, is nuclear. Groups of androids are trained as research scientists.The awakening in the year 2628. There are new developments by androids while humans slept. Advanced androids expanded Explorer One, now twice the size as the one that left Earth. Androids developed an unlimited fusion power plant. The androids want a peaceful co-existence with humans They have gained conscious awareness as a new life form.An indecipherable message is received by the orbiting space station. Long range sensors from the space station reveal an armada of alien ships headed for Earth Two. Since Earth Two is defenseless, a message for help is sent to Earth Prime, but the signal is jammed. Earth Twos government finally receives the ultimatum: surrender or face total annihilation.E-mail your opinions of this book to [email protected]