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 About the Book 

A specialized Meditation technique that targets ones ego-annihilated Expanded Consciousness has been described which can be practiced by anyone right away to neutralize ones negative energy overflowing in ones body, mind and heart.For a decade I have been exploring the effectiveness of prayers in getting what we want in our life. I observed that the success rate in fulfillment of prayers by enlightened spiritualists was consistently very high compared to that of others.When I examined the enlightenment process further, I found that the high success rate was mainly due to the neutralization of negative energy. Enlightened spiritualists neutralize their negative energy by their superhuman capability of meditation on their ego-annihilated expanded Consciousness.Traditional meditation techniques miserably fail in neutralizing our negative energy. So, I explored this matter further in order to discover a technique to simulate the specialized meditation of enlightened spiritualists that could be used by anyone to neutralize one’s negative energy.Recently I found out such a technique of meditation incorporating a set of three Rules. I have shared my discovery with you through this small book.I have prescribed a nine-week workout to practice this specialized meditation. I am certain that on the tenth week onward the success rate of your prayers will be incredibly multiplied.