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At the Pineapple Inn Pam Garlick

At the Pineapple Inn

Pam Garlick

Published March 9th 2009
ISBN : 9781430326397
132 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When author, Alycia Elliot learns her surrogate grandmother needs her help, even the impending deadline for her latest book doesnt stop her from making the trip to Lewisburg, PA. However, shes needed far more than she anticipated. Gram Carlisle has been hospitalized for heart surgery. The news comes from Grams handsome lawyer, Ken Maxwell, who also informers her she must take over running Grams Bed and Breakfast. Ken and his large family show up frequently at the inn, offering help that is indispensable, quickly endearing them to her. In fact, the family is so intertwined with the inns owner, it comes as a surprise when Alycia learns that should her dear friend die, the Pineapple Inn is bequeathed to her. Her question, Why me? goes unanswered due to Grams slow recovery, and Kens code of client-attorney confidentiality prohibits him answering. While she grows closer to the Maxwell family, she begins to unearth answers to her question, and those answers shatter her to her very core.