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A Heros Cry Michelle-Nicole Harrison

A Heros Cry

Michelle-Nicole Harrison

Published December 31st 2008
ISBN : 9781425175061
70 pages
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 About the Book 

When six year old Rosalynn Diaz was waiting to see her doctor, she found liquid products hid away in the examining room. Rosalynn told Oscar Castacan, and F.B.I. agent, what she discovered. She believed Oscar handled the situation with maturity. when Rosalynn comes up missing at the age of ten, she quickly learned what she saw that day lead to Oscars death. Cody Fleming, also an F.B.I. agent, wanted to know what Oscars secret was, the secret that got him killed. Rosalynns kidnappers not only wanted to know Oscars secret, but what the Pennsylvania lotto numbers were, since Rosalynn was born with the talent of knowing this.Rosalynn soon discovered there are people who want to join Uncle Faebers imaginary Me Me Club, the club that will overpower them to the point that the very blood in their bodies will begin to boil to the point of evaporation. Every tooth, bone, nail and follicle will be saturated with an acid bubbling away into another dimension. This is what greed does. A writhing wind could carry away the greed, betrayal, deception, and anger, however, that would generated an immense challenge for Rosalynns family since these descriptive words are like charge of energy being magnetized into a tremendous constricting death grip, but its a place where they feel more comfortable. Rosalynn takes drastic measures to overcome her resentment and to find the passion to love her family again so that she can seize the opportunity to at least coexist with them.Youre invited to buckle up and take a ride with Rosalynn on her heart wrenching nightmare as she desperately tries to find a place she can call home.